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3/8/23-3/11/23 Brainspotting Phase II

Location: Virtual/Online (Synchronous) via Zoom Interactive Live Webinar

9:00 AM-6:00 PM PST
Trainer: Regina Faridnia, LCSW

Registration is available below, please complete step 1 (below) and then come back to this page and complete the step 2 (below) the registration/payment link that is appropriate for your date of sign up and/or status.  If you have questions, please email:


Brainspotting Phase II (Step I) 

Select and complete/click below for the Step II (payment) after you have completed Step I (registration page):

Student Registration Rate $400

Prelicensed clinicians registration rate $645

Early Bird Rate:  (ends 11/30/24) $745

Regular Registration rate (ends 12/28/24)- $795 

Late Registration  rate- $845 

Continuing Education Link $35

Brainspotting Phase II, Course #5340, has been approved by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program to be offered by Indigena Counseling & Wellness Center as an individual course. Regulatory boards are the final authority on courses accepted for continuing education credit. ACE course approval period: [dates]. Social workers completing this course receive 22.5 Clinical continuing education credits.

Participant must sign up for CE's and return the evaluation that is sent out via email to participants in order to receive their CE certificate from the trainer.


*Note that late registrations may receive materials during or after the training. Alternative options will be provided, if needed. *A payment link is provided above to complete after you have completed your registration and can be completed with a Credit or Debit Card.​  Training information will be provided the week of the training.

Trainings are held both in person &/or virtually (sychronous) on Zoom (please check the listing above to see which is relevant to your training. Brainspotting Training includes lecture, live demonstration, and dyadic practicums in which participants will have the opportunity to fully experience Brainspotting as a client and practitioner. Due to the highly experiential nature of the training, it is critical that all participants are fully present for the entire training.

Requirements and Expectations:

  1. 100% attendance is required for each day.  This means that you are not able to leave the training for a few hours to go attend another meeting etc. and then return to the training, as the training is experiential and this may leave someone without a dyad partner, and you may miss key info. If you are unable to attend 100% each day, then do not register for the training as opting out of practicums is NOT permitted. All aspects of the training must be completed with full participation.

  2. During Brainspotting Trainings, you will have the opportunity to both witness and practice different live Brainspotting sessions. This teaching is highly experiential and you may experience activation during the process. I encourage you to engage in meaningful self-care throughout the training and reach out to any of the facilitators for support. Additionally, please remember that the practicums are for practice purposes and while healing may occur, we encourage you to focus on issues that are well within your system's window of tolerance. 

Seminar Overview
Brainspotting is a powerful, focused treatment method that works by identifying, processing and releasing core neurophysiological sources of emotional/body pain, trauma, dissociation and a variety of challenging symptoms. Brainspotting is a simultaneous form of diagnosis and treatment, enhanced with BioLateral sound, which is deep, direct, powerful yet focused and containing.

Brainspotting identifies activated eye positions designated as Brainspots. Located through either one or both eyes, Brainspots are observed from either the "Inside Window" of the client's felt sense and/or the "Outside Window" of the client's reflexive responses (i.e., blink, eye twitches or wobbles, pupil dilation, quick breaths, and subtle body shifts).

Students will first learn the phenomenological approach that underpins strategies for Brainspotting, followed by strategies for identifying and processing Brainspots. Attention will be given to the utilization and integration of Brainspotting into ongoing treatment, including highly dissociative clients.
Brainspotting is adaptable to almost all areas of specialization. Brainspotting provides therapists with powerful tools which enable their patients to quickly and effectively focus and process through the deep brain sources of many emotional, somatic and performance problems.  

Who should participate in Brainspotting Phase II training?

Addiction Counselors | Community Workers | Social Workers | Psychologists | MFT's | LPC| Psychiatrists| Occupational Therapists | Executive/Life Coaches |Students| Others in the Healing Professions with Strong Clinical Backgrounds

This 3-day Brainspotting Phase 2 training will begin with an extensive review of Outside and Inside Window Brainspotting and Gazespotting, with an emphasis on how to clinically interact with clients.

Attendees will be introduced to several important applications. This includes One-Eye Brainspotting including the use of One-Eye goggles. Also taught is 3 Dimensional Brainspotting using the “Z-Axis” of Brainspotting close and far; this includes Vergence Therapy which expands the Z-Axis to activate the vagus nerve through the ocular cardiac reflex.

Additional technical refinements will be presented including “Rolling Brainspotting,” with slow eye tracking stopping briefly on each Brainspot.

Advanced techniques will also include combined Inside-Outside Window Brainspotting where both reflexive responses and client sense of highest activation are used together to find Brainspots.

Day 3 will be devoted to the second level of the Advanced Resource Model. This will entail combining the resource aspects of One-Eye and Z-Axis Brainspotting. This addresses working with clients with Very Complex PTSD and those outside of the Brainspotting Window of Tolerance.

Techniques taught with PowerPoint lecture, discussion with Q & A, demonstrations and practicums.

Seminar Objectives

Through lecture, live demonstration and small group practice participants will learn to do the following:

  • Review components taught in Brainspotting Phase 1 (Outside Window, Inside Window, Gazespotting & Resource Brainspotting Setup)

  • Define Frame and Focus Brainspotting Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Demonstrate 3 Dimensional Z-Axis and Convergence Therapy

  • Define and demonstrate Rolling Brainspotting, Inside/Outside Window Brainspotting, Shades Up/Down, Z-Axis, One-Eyed Brainspotting & Advanced Resource Brainspotting Techniques/Setups

Brief Instructor Bio: Regina Faridnia, LCSW has over 26 years of experience in the field.  She is the founder of Indigena Counseling & Wellness Center which offers integrative/holistic trauma focused treatment. She has trained with David Grand, founder of Brainspotting.  Regina specializes in first responders, adoption, adolescence, addiction & BIPOC populations.  Full details including an extended bio are available at

Agenda: Click Here 

Please note:  By signing up for one of our trainings, you are agreeing to the following policies. "1. You will be charged upon confirmation via your credit card through our payment system Stripe. We do not store your credit card information or share your registration information with anyone. 2. Refunds are available less credit card fees up to 2 weeks prior to the start of the class. After that, you will get a refund less $150 to cover supplies and proprietary information. Alternatively, you can transfer up to 3 times without penalty if you notify us before class starts. No-shows will receive only one additional opportunity to take the class and no longer qualify for a refund. 4. Supplies will be mailed to the shipping address provided; it is the buyer's responsibility to enter the correct address or inform us of any change before materials are shipped. 5. CEs are available for an extra fee (please click on CE link to purchase) and must be purchased before the class ends."

Instructions for requesting Accessibility Accommodations: please reach out to Regina: and will make every effort to provide accommodations, when possible.  This is also the contact for any questions/concerns.

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