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For Indigenous Therapists:

 Due to the limited number of Native American, First Nation, Inuit, Aluit, Yupik, and Pacific Islander clinicians taking Brainspotting training Regina Faridnia, LCSW and fellow Brainspotting trainer, Steve Sawyer, LCSW began offering Brainspotting training that would provide a native/indigenous focused experience while still covering the Phase I & Phase II curriculum.  Therapists who are Indigenous to the Americas, Carribean and/or Pacific Islands and those who work in Native communities are invited to join us in these training opportunities.  This training allows for our community to receive the training in an even more personalized and culturally embracing way.  This training does incorporate a historical and intergenerational trauma focus/lens.  If you are interested in Brainspotting Phase I or Phase II and identify as an Indigenous clinician 

Tribal & Reservation Organizations:

A Brainspotting overview/presentation is available to familiarize your organization with this technique and how it resonates and is relevant to our communities.  We can arrange workshops and/or a training in your community in person or virtually.  Historical, complex developmental and intergenerational trauma are addressed in the training in a culturally informed/resonant ways.

  This amazing trauma focused person centered approach can assist our community members to heal.   It is a bottom up focused approach whice means that talk is not necessary for the brain and nervous system to heal.  It targets the flight, fight, freeze and helps the nervous system to move into healthy regulation.  

Specialized trainings available: 

Brainspotting and Native/Indigenous Populations

Healing Trauma and Dissociation in Native/Indigenous Populations

Echoes and Ripples: How Trauma Interfaces with the Past

Why do Somatic Psychotherapies work so well for Indigenous Populations?

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