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Brainspotting (BSP) Training

Brainspotting is a powerful, focused treatment method that works by identifying, processing and releasing core neurophysiological sources of emotional/body pain, trauma, dissociation and a variety of symptoms. Brainspotting is a simultaneous form of diagnosis and treatment, enhanced with BioLateral sound, which is deep, direct, powerful yet focused and containing. Brainspotting identifies activated eye positions designated as Brainspots. Located through either one or both eyes, Brainspots are observed from either the "Inside Window" of the client's felt sense and/or the "Outside Window" of the client's reflexive responses (i.e., blink, eye twitches or wobbles, pupil dilation, hard swallow, subtle body shifts, etc).

Brainspotting is adaptable to almost all areas of specialization and within cultural context. Brainspotting provides therapists with powerful tools which enable their patients to quickly and effectively focus and process through the deep brain sources of many emotional, physical, focus and performance challenges.  Historical, preverbal and generational traumas can be targeted and effectively processed with profound and sustained shifts showing up in the person's life and functioning.

Through lecture, live demonstration and small group practice participants will learn to do the following:
Define the components of Brainspotting.
Utilize "Inside window", "Outside window" and "Gazespotting" and Resource Brainspotting setups (for Phase I).  Add'l setups incorporated in Phase II. 
Define how Brainspotting can be applied to Trauma, Dissociation, Sports psychology, Somatic conditions.
Demonstrate the theories and practices of Brainspotting.

Trainings are held both in person &/or virtually on Zoom (please check the listing to see which is relevant to your training. Brainspotting Training includes lecture, live demonstration, and dyadic practicums in which participants will have the opportunity to fully experience Brainspotting as a client and practitioner. Due to the highly experiential nature of the training, it is critical that all participants are fully present for the entire training.

There is no conflict of interest or commercial support for this training.


Brainspotting Phase I & II

This training is open to all Providers but is more attuned to historical trauma in a shared space of BIPOC & non-BIPOC community. This is an opportunity to participate together, but with the experience centered around diverse experience and not centered based on majority experience.  

(to register see separate page/date of training on this website for the training that you wish to sign up for)


5/19-5/21/23 Phase I | indigenacounseling

7/28-7/30/23 Phase II | indigenacounseling

Indigenous/Native Focused Brainspotting Phase I & II

(Developed specifically for Native American, First Nation, Yupik, Inuit, Pacific/Caribbean Islander, South & Central American Indigenous communities)

Offered in a Native Counter-Space Environment 
This training is a space advancing beyond a Native Safe Space, to a space of openness, full inclusion of Native experiences with racism, historical and intergenerational trauma, and explores our Native peoples resilience. Training participants Native Cultural practices will also be fully embraced in this training, in addition to all the core concepts of Phase I & II.

Upcoming Phase I on 8/25-8/27/23:

Native focused Brainspotting Phase I

This is for Native clinicians & those working in Native agencies 

To attend the next Phase I click here: Native Focused Phase I | indigenacounseling

To get on waitlist for next Indigenous Focused Brainspotting Phase I or II training: click here (for Indigenous helpers/clinicians & those who work in Native agencies).

Looking for a BIPOC attuned training that is open to all:

We also have a general interest list. Please complete the form below, if interested.  Brainspotting training with Indigena is BIPOC attuned.  A participant does not need to identify as BIPOC for  general Brainpotting Phase I & II trainings (unless it is listed specifically as a BIPOC training); however, we endeavor to hold space with a commitment to reduce the presence and impact of the oppressive micro and macroaggressions that are prevalent in our communities.  These layers do make it difficult to show up, be present and participate actively and it is our endeavor to create a safer space that is more equally centered.  This is an attempt to hold and create space for helpers to be vulnerable and learn in a space that is more sensitive to BIPOC issues and presence within the space, as well as, honoring and welcoming multiple intersectionality's that may not typically be centered in our awareness.  Topics such as colonial narratives, internalized oppression, lateral violence, etc. may be explored as we all learn together, heal together and spend time with one another. 

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