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Somatic Psychotherapy Intensives- Brainspotting & Somatic Experiencing


I offer trauma healing intensives utilizing Brainspotting and/or Somatic Experiencing.

Have an issue that you’d like the opportunity and time to work through fully or in a deeper way?  If you’ve found that weekly or hour long therapy sessions have not allowed the time and space needed to fully process or resolve an issue, a Brainspotting and/or Somatic Experiencing Intensive Retreat may be a wonderful option for you. Traumas that are more core issue related can benefit from an in depth supportive approach.  If you'd like more time than the typical therapy hour you may benefit from an intensive.

Intensives can be designed as a personalized retreat based on your needs. We would both come ready to focus and to do deeper work on an issue or life pattern. It is a way to dedicated time to your healing from a challenging issue without the the limits of time. This enhanced focus allows the process to go deeper into the roots of a challenging issue to promote increased symptom reduction.

For a therapy intensive, we would complete an initial assessment to get to know one another and determine if moving forward with an intensive would be the best approach for working with your area of concern/issue.  

We would decide together how much time you may desire to work with the issue or would like to spend on processing the issue (up to 6 hours in a day for one or multiple days in a row.

Some issues that client might conside intensives for are:

  • PTSD

  • substance abuse/addictions

  • grief

  • racial and generational trauma

  • anxiety and depression that are trauma related

  • longstanding core issues

  • issues which have been challenging to resolve in weekly therapy

What Type of Intensives I offer:

I offer half, full day & multi day intensive.  I can also accommodate group intensives.  I offer 5 day Brainspotting specific intensives that count toward Brainspotting certification for those who are trained Brainspotters.

What can be integrated into intensives:


Somatic Experiencing

Energy Work


Vibroacoustic Therapy

Far Infrared Sauna

Polychromatic Light Therapy

Sound Therapy


Indigena Wellness is a concept of self care combining Integrative Medicine with Somatic Psychotherapy to provide many individual options for our clientele.

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